Arundo donax (a-RUN-doe DOE-nax) is a large reed of the Poaceae family. Commonly known as the Giant Reed, Arundo donax can easily reach heights of over 20 feet, and has fibrous rhizomes that can exceed 10 pounds in weight. The stalk of Arundo donax is very high in silica, and as such has been used for thousands of years in applications where strength is a necessity, such as fishing rods.

Alkaloid ContentEdit

The psychoactive alkaloids that occur in A. donax are tryptamines. The highest concentrations of these alkaloids typically occur in the rhizomes (the main stem of the plant that resemble large, round roots), however they have been shown to be present in the leaf and flower as well. Percentages are given for the concentration in the rhizome, unless otherwise noted.

Major Chemicals In Arundo donax
Chemical Percentage Location
5-HO-DMT 0.025% Rhizome, Leaf, Flower
5-MeO-MMT 0.0023% Rhizome, Leaf
N,N-DMT 0.0057% Rhizome, Leaf, Flower
Gramine* 0.26% Rhizome
Gramine-N-Oxide* 0.07% Whole Plant
Minor Chemicals In Arundo donax
Chemical Location
Dehydrobufotenine Rhizome
5-MeO-DMT Rhizome, Flower
5-MeO-NMT Whole Plant
N,N-DMT-Methohydroxide Flower
Gramine-Methohydroxide Flower
Bufotenidine* Rhizome

*Both Gramine and Bufotenidine are known to be quite toxic alkaloids.